Q. When should I book a newborn session with you?

A. Ideally, book while you are still pregnant to guarantee a session. I take on a limited number of newborn photo sessions per month to allow for the fact that babies arrive whenever they are ready, and only 5% on their estimated due date!

Q. Where are newborn sessions held?

A. Newborn sessions are held in our Lisarow studio. Here, we will have access to props, knits, fabrics and backgrounds to style your session.

Q. What to wear and bring?

A. Soft neutral colours that coordinate with family members are best. Otherwise, wear what makes you feel great. Try to avoid bold patterns, prints and logos. Please feel free to contact me for a consultation on what to wear if required. All that is necessary for baby during newborn baby sessions is provided by the studio, including wraps and props etc. If you have a special/sentimental item you would like in your images, please feel free to bring it. During the session I run heating to ensure the baby’s body temperature remains stable. It does sometimes get hot for the adults but the studio needs to be a certain temperature to keep baby happy.

Q. Are you vaccinated for whooping cough?

A. Yes. I remain current in my vaccinations including whooping cough and flu vaccinations to help protect myself, my children and yours.

Q. When do we receive the images?

A. Within 7 days of your session you will return to the studio to view and choose your images at your Design and Ordering appointment. These images will then be edited and sent to the lab for production, and depending on what you have ordered will take between 2-6 weeks for production.

Q. Why is it best to photograph newborns under 2 weeks of age?

A. For styled/posed newborn photography, it is recommended that babies be under 2 weeks of age. This is because babies are sleepiest, and easiest to settle during this time. We can definitely photograph babies over this age, however they can be harder to settle and are more alert/awake, so please be prepared for this. Also, babies like to curl up beautifully in their first days so many of the images in props work best during this time.  Babies need to be very relaxed and in a deep sleep to achieve many of the poses. In saying that, every baby is an individual, and some babies will not like to be in some poses, no matter what their age. My priority is the comfort and safety or your baby, so we follow the baby’s lead.

Q. I’ve paid my session fee, when is the final balance payable?

A. Your session fee is required to book your session and covers your time in studio. Your balance is due at your Design and Ordering appointment, and will be dependant on what your purchase. We also have card facilities* and payment plans* for your convenience.

*fees and charges apply

Q. What about the safety of the poses?

A. Your baby’s safety is paramount to me. Some of the images will be composites, which means that the baby has been supported entirely and the supporting parent’s arm or hand is erased in Photoshop during post processing. When choosing your newborn photographer, make sure your photographer puts your baby’s safety first and does not compromise on this in order to get a shot. Please also keep this in mind if you have a particular shot you wish to capture. I will never place your baby in an unsafe or uncomfortable pose. I always ask that a parent or assistant is beside the baby on each surface. I am certified in newborn safety with the Academy of Newborn Photography here in Australia.  

Q. Can I purchase all of the images taken?

A. We will go through your gallery of images together and you will choose the best of the best. While the top package contains 30 images, you are certainly free to purchase additional images. I do not sell or provide RAW files or unedited images as part of my services.