Newborn Photography Safety

With the growth of the photography industry in the last decade, there has been a massive increase in the number of newborn photographers.  Not all photographers have the knowledge and skill required to safely handle a baby. It is important for parents to do their research and find a professional photographer who has invested their time and $$$ into learning newborn photography safety.

When looking for a photographer, you should look for one who has received the necessary training in newborn safety.  Photographers who have received an indepth training in safe posing, equipment handling, studio prep, cleanliness, compositing images and various other areas.

The industry is striving to create an industry standard in newborn photography safety and make sure that newborn photographers are well informed of the steps they should take to ensure your baby’s safety at all times during your newborn session.

Newborn Photography Safety

Your baby’s safety is paramount to me. Some of the images I create will be composites, which means that the baby has been supported entirely through the pose and capture. The supporting parent’s arm or hand is erased in Photoshop during post processing. When choosing your newborn photographer, make sure your photographer puts your baby’s safety first and does not compromise on this in order to get a shot.

Please also keep this in mind if you have a particular shot you wish to capture. I will never place your baby in an unsafe or uncomfortable pose. I always ask that a parent or assistant is beside the baby on each surface.

My Training & Experience (so far!)

I am certified in newborn safety with AANPS.    I have mentored under Kelly Brown in newborn posing and safety. I am also honoured to have been hand picked by Kelly Brown as the sole scholarship winner of The Baby Summit 2017. I’ve attended numerous workshops with renowned photographers including Erin Elizabeth,  Amy McDaniels and Luisa Dunn, to name a few. I’m also a proud advocate of StandInBaby™  and a participating member of the SIB community of newborn photographers. I am constantly investing in my education and training in this wonderful industry. All of these wonderful photographers are leaders in the industry, and teach newborn photography safety.

Please also bare in mind this is just one facet of newborn photography. Investing in newborn photography safety education and training is only one part of running a registered and insured business! Along with the continual learning of photography as the art form that it is.

“Looking for a newborn photographer that doesn’t cost an arm and a leg, preferably under $200 that gives all pics on a CD” 😉